Shared Desk


We start with a blank slate and render original ideas for each client. We have a full-time creative staff that designs the unique awards and product solutions we make. Conceptual designs become a three-dimensional, tangible product via our in-house tooling department working from strict engineering blueprints.

Manufacturing Assembly


Our US-based factory features an unmatched array of techniques and capabilities carried out by skilled and dedicated craftspeople. We are not decorating stock and imported goods. Instead, we make what we design specifically to your needs and objectives.

Data Processing


We process thousands of unique award products each year which necessitates a robust data management platform. Our platform maintains the integrity of award recipient data and feeds into our production and outbound shipping systems in proper sequence for flawless execution of accurately inscribed products.


We have an on-site, dedicated warehouse and fulfillment center when materials are stored, staged, personalized and assembled. Maximize your budget with quantity-based pricing and have your products distributed quickly with each call out from our central-U.S. location. We handle all the logistics and paperwork associated with parcel and common carries, covering all points globally.